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Crown Electric's pedigree is rooted in the Westinghouse Iso Phase bus plant in Cincinnati Ohio.

Upon that facilities closing, (circa 1986) Norris King (Plant Mgr) and Gerry Meyer (Materials Mgr) acquired intellectual property and assets from Westinghouse to open Crown Electric in a leased facility on Losantiville Rd in Cincinnati.

In 1997 Chad Shell (an experienced mechanical switchgear engineer) joined Crown with an equity stake and an eye toward the future.

Bruce Hack and Chad Shell purchased Crown from its original owners in 2005 and set in motion a plan to unleash the potential that was infused
in the great history and resources of Crown Electric.

In 2006 after much planning Crown Electric made the decision to build America’s most modern IPB factory from the ground up.
In 2007 Crown moved into its brand new manufacturing home on 6.5 acres in Middletown Ohio, an area serviced by the talented people of the cities of Cincinnati and Dayton.
Reinvestment in plant, equipment, testing capabilities and most important it’s personnel has allowed Crown Electric Engineering and Manufacturing LLC to position itself for growth and service to our Nation’s Electrical Power industry.

In 2010, in the midst of the worst economic down turn in our nation’s history since the Great Depression, Crown Electric embarked on a doubling of the factory floor space, the addition of a 50,000 square foot protected outdoor staging area and a separate additional 4,000+ square feet of office space.
Crown Electric is currently running three (3) Amada turret presses, computerized seam welders, computerized circumferential welders and has dual overhead lift capabilities of 100,000 lbs. The rear 50,000 square foot staging area allows the collation of large projects so that material can all ship at one time.
The shop floor can handle multiple concurrent IPB and switchgear power house projects with a “drive thru” factory, designed with a 25 foot wide roll up rear door to allow double drop tractor trailers to just drive in, load up and drive out.
From the earliest days of the current ownership, Crown believed that Service and Support would be the key to defining Crowns reputation.
The company has purchased multiple vehicles including a mobile machine shop housed in a forty (40) foot goose neck trailer. This on-site resource allows Crown to modify anything we make as well as create smaller parts and pieces on site. Crowns on site crews can perform in hours or days, what takes others days and weeks.
Service is at the heart of Crown Electric Eng & Mfg LLC

At Crown Electric we are doggedly persistent in our pursuit of safety and quality.

Reinvestment in our people will always offer the highest returns.

CE team

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