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The following definitions are taken from the ANSI / IEEE Standard for Metal-Enclosed Bus C37.23-2003 and are the applicable definitions underpinning Crown Electric Engineering and Manufacturing LLC's product offering;

Per section 3.10 types of Metal Enclosed bus assemblies: In general, there are three basic types of construction used: Non-segregated phase, Segregated-phase, and Isolated-phase.

Segregated-phase bus
One in which all phase conductors are in a common metal enclosure but are segregated by metal barriers between phases.

Phase Segregated Bus

Phase-to-phase fault danger is reduced because grounded metal barriers between phases provide a degree of fault gas containing properties.

High Bulk Current Capacity; Preferred ANSI ratings extend to 12,000 amps for 600 VAC class and 6,000 amps for 15 KV class bus.

High short circuit withstand-ability up to 200,000 KAp.

Impulse withstand-ability up to 150 KV; bushing and support insulators can be provided with high creep distance to accord with specified BIL.

Available aluminum construction is corrosion resistant and results in lighter weight with easier installation.

Available welded construction (except for gasketed, removable covers) affords dust-tight construction indoors and weatherproof design for outdoors. Removable covers can be equipped with handles for easy removal permitting inspection of duct, conductors and insulation materials.

Bus is easily coordinated with segregated phase switchgear and breakers.

Minimal dimensions permit the use of segregated phase
bus in places where space limitations prevent use of
isolated phase bus.

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